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The Roann Community Cemetery

The Citizens Cemetery (Roann)

The Falls Cemetery

Memorial Lawns Cemetery

Half Acre Long Cemetery

Mississinewa Memorial Cemetery


*note- added cemeteries include The Beautiful Gardens of Memory located near Banquo in southern Huntington Co., Indiana and The Akron Cemetery located on St. Rd. 114 west of Akron in Fulton Co., Indiana





35. Charles A. & Doris I. Keyser

36. Randy Lee Myers

37. Robert E. & Marie H. Miller

38. Glen W. Floyd

39. Charles & Genevieve Moore

40. Lester A. Strong

41. Irven & Lute Carr

42. Kim Moore

43. Silas & Electa Slee

44. Jeral E. Honeycutt

45. Elic Honeycutt

46. Eugene & Hazel M. Lane

47. James G. Collins

48. Wilma Meek

49. William & Claretta Webb

50. Isaac & Rebecca Ivins

51. George & Ruby Carr

52. Elroy & Beroth Abshire

53. William & Virgin Kamp

54. Herschel Williams

55. Walter Williams

56. Phocion Williams

57.Phocion Williams & Lucy Brady

58.Joseph Keppell

59.Keppell Center Headstone

60.Amanda E. Keppell

61.Elmer L. & Dorothy I. Rice

62.John F. Rice

63.George & Sarah Rice

64.Nellie Abshire Flohr

65.Isaac Abshire

66.Elizabeth Abshire

67.Ora Abshire

68.Mabel Abshire

69.Charles E. & Mabel M. Johnson

70.William Alger

71.Nancy Alger

72.George W. Donalson


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