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These photographs are some of the headstones from various cemeteries I have visited.
Some of the photographs are quite large
and may take several moments for them to load.
I will trim them down as I have time.
The cemeteries I visit locally are;


The Roann Community Cemetery

The Citizens Cemetery (Roann)

The Falls Cemetery

Memorial Lawns Cemetery

Half Acre Long Cemetery

Mississinewa Memorial Cemetery


I will keep adding to this list as I get the photographs taken. In the end some may be related and some may not. Sometimes I look for familiar surnames and take the picture.



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1. Paris & Ruby Sisco

2. Mollie Collins

3. William Collins

4. Robert E. & Thelma E. Butcher

5. Don R. & Donna Gail Monroe

6. Sadie M. Lane/Estep

7. Charles Ray & Vickie Jo Sisco

8. Gary Sisco

9. James V. & Pauline Collins

10. Jesse W. & Martha H. Honeycutt

11. Dakota G. Honeycutt

12. Dianna Gail Sisco

13. Emily Sue Sisco

14. James Ian Collins

15. Virgie Boyd Bolen

16. Gustava Collins

17. James W. Collins

18. Russell L. & Nina Purdy

19. Josef, Erma, Helen Sele

20. Marvin & Sarah Collins

21. H. B. and Lillian Lane

22. Isaac & Audrey Strong

23. Stanley R. Collins

24. Henry & Josephine Purdy

25. Nelson & Julia Purdy

26. Samuel & Margery Long

27. Ezra Long

28. John Bidwell

29. R.G. Honeycutt

30. Orville Honeycutt

31. Charles Meek

32. Simeon & Cynthia Dederick

33. Ceohee,Susan,Daniel Butterbaugh

34. William & Elsie Dederick

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