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I have started working on the History of our small community of Roann, and have found that Jean Baptiste de Richardville was, in most respects of the term, -our founding father-. Jean's signature (also known as PEEJEEWA) was among many other famous leaders that had signed THE TREATY OF GREENVILLE on August 3, 1795 as spokesman for THE MIAMIS AND EEL RIVERS native tribes. Jean was also found on the 1807 Census of Indiana in Knox County on page 9 as John B. Richardville. This was the listing;

Baptist Lagard - 450
Joseph Matea - 1
Francis Beargou - 2
Joseph Adeline(?) - 3
Antoine Richardville - 4
Tousaint Dubois -5
James Baird -6
Joseph Oneille -7
John B. Richardville -8
. . . . Arnea -9